Dealer Services

Point of Sale – CFSCG purchases Point of Sale retail installment contracts with decisions based on facts with common sense underwriting, competitive discounts and advances. Our staff is trained to provide you fast credit decisions available 24/7. Our dealer representatives are equipped with in the field credit authority to give you on the spot decisions.

Bulk Purchases – CFSCG is a leading capital provider to “Buy Here Pay Here” dealers and Independent Finance companies. Our bulk purchase program is flexible, simple and straightforward. Our mission is to create a mutually dependent partnership that allows our clients to accelerate profits through the sale of their in-house loans. Our outstanding customer service extends beyond the dealer to their customer to drive business back to your dealership.

Loan Servicing – CFSCG takes care of the job of servicing and collections. You sell the car, write up the contract and we do the rest. Outsourcing your loan servicing takes care of the headache of collections so you can focus on your business. You retain ownership and enjoy the return on your loans, while projecting a professional image to your customers with full credit reporting, monthly statements and the confidence of knowing that a professional, experienced collection staff is working for you. And should the need arise accounts under servicing can be sold to CFSCG with funding in 48 hours or less. It’s like turning your portfolio into a line of credit.